It’s easy to put things off until the next day. This diet? Maybe next week. These closets? Not today. However, there are some simple things that we shouldn’t put off. They can be done now.

The earth is negatively affected by humans, and it is time to turn this around. We can start by adding some new routines to our weekly schedules and striving to make the planet healthy again.

A Zero Waste Culture (AZWC) is a Miami-based non-profit organization that aims to reverse global warming and climate change. You don’t have to go far to get involved as the group is on display at the Farmers Market in Key Biscayne Community Church every Saturday.

They have eco-friendly products ranging from COVID-19 masks and aprons to a program where AZWC turns used T-shirts into tote bags. You can donate shirts and pick up a bag in exchange, or just give them away to buyers who forgot their reusable bags.

They also have a composting program that you can participate in. Members simply use a bucket supplied by AZWC and bring their organic kitchen waste to their drop-off center in a remote corner of Bill Baggs National Park, where the park composts cuttings.

Your kitchen waste goes into a pair of rings that contain a collection of microscopic chemical reactions powered by the sun. Each week volunteers add more compost, stir the contents, and make the necessary adjustments. Turning table debris into fertile soil is tedious but worth the effort.

For more information, please contact AZWC at or visit their website. You can also stop by their stall at the farmers market and meet this dedicated group of people.

Isabel Papp is an eighth grader at Palmer Trinity and an intern at Islander News.