Spring is in full swing. With warm weather expected to last the rest of this week, it’s the perfect time to catch up on the house and gardening chores. Before you head to the Wilco Farm Store and buy a new lawn mower, however, you should research and decide which type of mower is right for you and the specific needs of your lawn.

There are many variations of mowers on the market todayand what you need determines what you choose. R.Otary, electric and cylinder mowers are some of the most common.

Rotary mowers and electric mowers have a blade that moves in a circular motion to cut grass. Rotary mowers are well built and fast, which makes them ideal for large shipyards. However, it is known that they are according to and cannot cut grass at low altitudes. Aalthough Alec Kowalewski of Oregon State University – a turf grass specialist – said that Oregonian that he recommends that the most common types of grass in Corvallis be cut no less than two to three inches in height.

Electric mowers are noticeable quieter than the twist. However, some are battery operated, which means they may need to be charged during the project. Others are plug-in models and you should use caution when mowing to avoid damaging the cable.

After all, cylinder mowers or push mowers have two blades that act like scissors and cut the grass sharply. Cylinder mowers are ideal for the carbon-conscious, Said Kowalewski They leave a significantly lower carbon footprint than other mowersStudies have shown, however, that grass can “bind up to four times as much carbon dioxide as is produced by mowing. Cylinder mower It is best to work in small, level yards with minimal dirt.

Mulching mowers are also an option. They are ideal for leaving leftover grass clippings where they will fall. However, their high prices can be daunting to some.

“Instead of bagging clippings” Kowalewski said “Consider dropping them where they fall. They decompose quickly and provide the much-needed nitrogen again. The The more often you mow, the easier it is to do it. Don’t leave clumps of clippings on the lawn, however. ”

When it comes to easy maintenance, rotary mowers are the way to go. Unlike cylinder mowers, Rotarys have removable blades and do not require professional sharpening.Regardless of which type of mower you choose, it is essential to use the mower blades retain their sharpness.

If you still need to buy a mower, do your homework. If the brand you are looking at has a commercial model, that speaks well to the fact that they have a better home model. Kowalewski recommends checking out Toro, Honda, and Jacobsen.

By: Rebekah Harcrow