Tree maintenance should often be left to professionals trained in handling hazardous scenarios such as nearby power lines.

U of I / Sarah Vogel

Sarah Vogel Illinois Extension

Trees are large parts of the landscape, both in size and in lifespan. When pests, pathogens, disruptions emerge, or a tree is not properly cared for, the endangered tree can cause harm to people or property.

Hiring a person to assess tree care needs will help ensure the long-term health and safety of trees in the landscape. Choosing the right tree care company for your needs can mean the difference between an expensive headache and money well spent.

Certified arborists are trained and qualified in the assessment and diagnosis of tree diseases by the International Society of Arboriculture. An arborist certification means they know about the science of tree planting, pruning, safety and fertilization according to national standards.

Before hiring, we recommend that the tree owner determine his needs. What do you need? Identification, Diagnosis, Circumcision, or Removal? A local Illinois Extension Office can help clear this process up.

When diagnosing a tree, a reliable tree care company will ask questions such as: B. when the tree was planted, how and when it was pruned, what symptoms were observed, and whether it was recently built nearby. Write down the symptoms and their timeline so you can easily look them up.

Some companies specialize in regular maintenance, such as fertilizing or pruning hedges. Pruning fruit trees or pruning a branch over a building can justify the work of two different companies. If a tree needs to be removed, ask how and when the company will access the yard. Take precautions to minimize damage to surrounding structures, trees, lawns, and other objects.