The best thing about cooler months is that all bugs go away for a while. But when it gets warm, they come back with a vengeance and ruin pleasant weekends outdoors.

Running Roots Lawn Care helps homeowners reclaim their gardens and their weekends by providing fertilization, weed management and mosquito control services.

“We want [homeowners] to enjoy the outdoors without worrying about mosquitos and weeds, ”said Garrick McCarty, owner of the company.

According to McCarty, homeowners can easily address their mosquito problem by reducing the amount of standing water in the home.

“Things like pots of water, play areas that hold water, clogged gutters, or wet areas on your lawn provide a nesting place for mosquitoes,” he said.

If that doesn’t work, call Running Roots Lawn Care and ask about their mosquito repellent program.

“I have two ponds on my property and we appear to be breeding the largest mosquitoes in Alabama,” said McCarty. “Since I implemented my program at home, we can now go outside in the evening and have the certainty that mosquitoes, fleas and ticks will not be a problem for my four daughters who play outside.”

McCarty’s main goal is to give his customers free weekends.

“I don’t want them to worry about weeding or staying indoors in the spring and summer for insects or mosquitos.”

Call Running Roots Lawn Care or visit them online for help with relaxing your weekends this spring.