Courtesy Photo – Girl Scouts Erin Cowgill, Marlee Spears, Marlo Imlay, Maggie McDonough, Carol Boehmer, and Alexi Forsyth are accompanied by Nurses Kari Walton and Rhonda Alexander at the Banner North Colorado Medical Center in Greeley. Not pictured are the boy scouts Alyssa Lemming, Avery Godfry and Emily Howard.

When the director of nursing, Kari Walton, entered the hall of the intensive care unit at North Colorado Medical Center, her team members took duplicate admissions. Walton pushed a cart with 180 packets of Girl Scout Cookies.

The cookies were given by the Berthoud Girl Scout Troop 75894, which consists of nine young women, ages eight and nine. The girls chose health care workers as their hometown heroes during this year’s cookie campaign and asked their customers to buy cookies for the heroes. The girls traveled to Greeley with their parents in late April to deliver the biscuits.

During the troop’s biscuit sale, they told people they were making money to honor health care workers. When the community members heard this, “they emptied their wallets on our table”. One day over a two-hour period, the girls received donations of US $ 104.

“We are very honored to be selected,” said Dr. Angela Mills, Chief Medical Officer. To Dr. Mills was joined by Walton, assistant director of nursing for intensive care units and intensive care units, and Rhonda Alexander, an intensive care nurse.

Maureen McDonough, the mother of a Girl Scout, noted that the hospital officials who greeted the troop were all female, and the girls took a moment to learn about various careers in the healthcare sector.

Walton planned to share the 180 packages of Girl Scout biscuits across the hospital to identify all of the staff who worked hard during the COVID-19 pandemic.