If you’re an environmentally conscious person who has ever left scraps of food on your plate or counter after cooking a meal, you probably felt a sense of guilt when you scraped it in the trash. After all, leftover food makes up a large part of what we throw away – along with garden waste, nearly 30%. Compost is an organic material obtained from these food and garden waste – you can add it to the soil to aid plant growth, which is why it is useful for both amateur and professional gardeners who do not like chemical-based fertilizers. Municipal composting is available in some locations, but it is impossible to control the type of end product.

Using a composter at home is a great way to minimize this waste. Although there are many compost bins and manual composting machines on the market (usually driven by a tumbling motion), they are bulky, smelly, and not as effective as electric alternatives. They may come at a higher price, but because of this, an electric composter is a much better choice for a range of lifestyles.

An electric composter, also known as a food cycler, uses heat, ventilation, and pulverization to reduce the volume of food waste, just like a regular composter. First, it goes through a drying process that kills plant diseases and pathogens. It then grinds your waste into a compost heap, breaking the volume down even more into tiny, powdery particles. This creates a potent instant fertilizer that is ideal for home gardeners. Finally, it cools the contents to room temperature so that you can handle them safely.

However, unlike normal compost heaps, the end result with a Food Cycler is 100% dry and sterile. And unlike normal composting methods, an electric version significantly reduces the emissions and odor of food waste and completes the composting process much faster than non-electric models.

If you have time, space, and physical mobility constraints, running electric can make life a lot easier than mugs and trash cans. It’s a fantastic choice for those who live in cold temperatures as you don’t have to make an outdoor compost heap with an electric food cycler. The stink-free factor is pretty tempting too – when food breaks down, it gives off a bad smell and can attract all kinds of bugs and animals into your home.

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Previously, composters were limited to those with garden space. But an electric composter allows you to take part in the activity even if you live in a condo or small apartment. Whether you’re looking to improve your green thumb, store organic waste, or reduce odors in your home, this is a year-round, low-maintenance solution that is well worth the price.

1. Vitamix FoodCycler FC-50

The Vitamix FoodCycler FC-50 is the most popular electronic composter available online, which reduces waste by up to 90%. With a sleek design, flawless performance, and ergonomic handle, this compact food cycler takes up just one cubic foot of space and offers roomy storage space inside. LED lights alert you to the various processing steps (processing takes four to eight hours in total) and the electric composter can be placed anywhere in your home. Your carbon filter system ensures that odors are completely invisible.

Vitamix FoodCycler FC-50

Vitamix FoodCycler FC-50

Buy: Vitamix FoodCycler FC-50 $ 399.95

2. BeyondGREEN Electric Tumbler Composter

Another sought-after offering from BeyondGREEN in the market that is ideal for non-pet owners is this electric tumbler kitchen composter that delivers instant fertilizer in the blink of an eye. The machine is also quieter than other composters on the market, with the motor only turning on for 15 minutes – the rest of the time it just heals the waste with heat inside. Plus, this electric composter is waterproof so you can just hose it down or rinse it off.

BeyondGREEN Electric Tumbler Composter

BeyondGREEN Electric Tumbler Composter

Buy: BeyondGREEN Electric Tumbler Composter $ 429.99

3. BeyondGREEN All-Electric Pet Waste and Organic Waste Composter

This addition to composting technology can be used both indoors and outdoors and culminates in a nitrogen-rich compost that can be used in your garden as soon as possible. This machine not only shreds garden litter and leftover food, but also BeyondGREEN garbage bags (and pet litter too). The dual chamber system composts waste in the upper chamber, while the compost is hardened in the lower chamber. This Energy Star certified composter has a weekly capacity of 4 gallons and is made from recyclable material.

BeyondGREEN - fully electric composter for animal and organic waste

BeyondGREEN – fully electric composter for animal and organic waste

Buy: beyondGREEN All-Electric Composter for Animal Waste and Organic Waste $ 449.99

4. Tero Wifi Connected automatic composter

Tero’s futuristic-looking food cycling device is available both as a basic model and as an upgraded model with WiFi connection, so that you can control and monitor your composter remotely – even the progress of a current cycle in real time. In terms of detailed data and statistics, the Tero is in a class of its own. Its speed, user-friendly controls, and elongated yet compact shape allow you to maximize space. The inner bucket and the blade are dishwasher safe.

Tero Wifi Connected Automatic composter

Tero Wifi Connected Automatic composter

Buy: Tero Wifi Connected Automatic Composter $ 450.00 +

5. Pela Lomi worktop

Although this can only be pre-ordered in January 2021, it is much easier to operate than other electric composters with just one button to start a cycle. This makes it accessible to the whole family and can help parents teach their children the benefits of composting and how it can save our planet. Just fill in, press and take out your new earth. The Lomi has three modes: Express, Eco and Bioplastic, which makes it the first home composter to break down certified compostable plastics.

Pela Lomi worktop

Pela Lomi worktop

To buy: Pela Lomi countertop $ 50.00 deposit

6. Digital Zakka Food Recycler Trash Can Composter

This food recycler bin-composter is known for its large capacity – according to the brand, you can get by for a whole week without emptying it. Aside from that, it also takes up more space and cannot be stored on the countertop. Even so, it’s odor-free and ideal for those who may not have the time to change it that often. If your priority is larger capacity that you don’t have to drum manually, consider this electric composter.

Digital Zakka Food Recycler Waste Bin Composter

Digital Zakka Food Recycler Waste Bin Composter

Buy: Digital Zakka Food Recycler Trash Can Composter $ 1,999.00

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