Missed deadline for publishing vacation lists

The government missed a deadline for classifying countries under the new traffic light system for international travel.

The Transport Select Committee published a report last week stating that the green, yellow and red lists of destinations must be published “at the latest” by today (May 1st). However, this did not happen.

Instead, the Ministry of Transport has only announced that the lists will be published in early May.

The rule change allows outdoor family visits for residents of nursing homes

Nursing home residents can spend time with loved ones on “low-risk” visits without having to self-isolate upon return, the government said after being threatened with legal action by charity John’s Campaign.

Starting Tuesday (May 4), residents who leave home to go for a walk or visit a loved one’s garden will no longer have to isolate for two weeks upon their return.


However, those departing for medical appointments and overnight visits will have to self-isolate for another 14 days, the PA news agency understands.

In Northern Ireland, shops are reopening and pints are pouring in again

Northern Ireland saw long lines and bustling beer gardens as the region took a giant step out of lockdown.

Many hotel and retail stores reopened their doors yesterday (April 30th) after having closed their doors for four months.

Customs officers, cafe owners and restaurateurs could serve customers outdoors, while all non-essential retailers could pull up their shutters again.

Scottish companies are calling for clarity and a four-nation approach to easing the guidelines

CBI Scotland has asked for more clarity on the future of social distancing policies that affect the number of workers and business capacity.

The group has asked the UK and Scottish Governments to provide more detailed information on how and when the restrictions will be relaxed.

She also wants a consistent approach across all four UK countries, as well as the publication of evidence and data that will be used for decision-making.

The campaign group urges the new Lord Speaker to abolish the election of the aristocrats

An organization promoting electoral reform calls on the new Lord Speaker to abolish a controversial system for replacing hereditary members in the House of Lords.

The Electoral Reform Society described the resumption of the so-called by-elections among cross-bench peers as “a sign of very distorted priorities” and called on Lord McFall of Alcluith to replace Lord Fowler as Lord Speaker, to take action against the “absurd practice”. .

The system for selecting the aristocrats who are allowed to sit in the upper chamber has been on hold since last March due to the coronavirus crisis.

The union leader puts Tory in the spotlight ahead of the by-elections

Sir Keir Starmer will try today to put the so-called Tory sleaze in the spotlight when he visits Hartlepool again on the last election weekend before Thursday’s by-elections.

Labor wants to hold onto the so-called “Red Wall” seat and face a challenge from the Conservatives.

Paul Williams, who was Labor MP for Stockton South from 2017 to 2019, is contesting the traditional Labor-held seat after incumbent Mike Hill resigned in March on charges of sexual harassment.

Pfizer and BioNTech are calling on the EU to approve the vaccine for 12-15 year olds

Pfizer and BioNTech have filed with the European Union drug regulators to extend approval of the companies’ coronavirus vaccine to children ages 12-15.

In a statement yesterday (April 30), the two companies said their submission to the European Medicines Agency was based on an advanced study of more than 2,000 adolescents that showed the vaccine was safe and effective.

The children are monitored for longer-term protection and safety for another two years.

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Pharmaceutical giants are helping bring FTSE 100 higher

AstraZeneca joined pharmaceutical company Hikma on Friday as the best performer among London’s largest companies – its shares rose 4.3 percent while Hikmas rose 3.2 percent.

That, and a weak pound, caused the FTSE 100 to climb higher to hit 6,969.81 points – an 8.33 point increase and up 0.1 percent. In the US, the Dow Jones and the S&P 500 were both trading around 0.6 percent as European markets closed. In Germany, the Dax fell 0.1 percent, while in France the Cac index fell 0.5 percent.

Just before the markets closed, a pound would buy $ 1.3821 – 0.9 percent less than the day before or 1.1491 euros, down 0.1 percent. Instead of a weak pound, however, the reason for the decline was a strong dollar – the euro also lost 0.7 percent against the US currency.

The reopening of Disneyland marks the turnaround for Covid in California

Disneyland has reopened to avid visitors after an unprecedented 13 month closure. Tourism officials hope this is a sign of California’s recovery from the pandemic.

The reopening on Friday came four months after the country’s most populous state struggled to combat a surge in hospital admissions for the coronavirus, which packed patients into outdoor tents and killed hundreds of people daily.

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Police chief defends Met review process after neo-Nazi ex-officer jailed

A counterterrorism chief has defended the screening process for metropolitan police officers after a former officer was arrested for belonging to a neo-Nazi group.

City Police Deputy Commissioner Neil Basu spoke of being “shocked and betrayed” after 22-year-old Ben Hannam was imprisoned for more than four years for being a member of the banned extremist group National Action.

However, the head of the National Police Chiefs Council on Counter Terrorism denied the troop’s screening process was the problem, saying Hannam would not have been caught even if the background checks had been stricter.

Orders for cheaper plug-in hybrid VW Golf open

Volkswagen has introduced a new, cheaper plug-in hybrid version of the Golf for company car buyers.

The eHybrid Style, with a material advantage of seven percent, lowers the costs of the Golf’s hybrid offerings in order to make it more accessible for fleet and private buyers.

Prices start at £ 32,995 – much less than the £ 36,010 GTE – and it uses a 1.4 liter gasoline engine with an electric motor powered by a battery that offers a range of up to 44 miles for electricity only .

Weather outlook

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Today there will be a mix of sunshine and showers in most places, the BBC says. In the afternoon it rains heavily and in some places it is heavy. It will be another cool day with light winds.

England, Northern Ireland and Wales will be cold and dry tonight and the skies will be mostly clear. The showers will continue in Scotland and possibly wintry at higher levels.

On Sunday most places will experience showers and sunshine again, and in the afternoon it will rain again heavily and in some places heavily. For this time of year it will be cold again and there will be light winds again.