All industries are turning and using more sustainable designs to slow the climate crisis down. We are experiencing a boom in experimenting and researching materials, especially in making products that are biodegradable, as this promotes a circular economy that works for the planet and the user. Single-use plastic is one of the largest non-biodegradable factors contributing to ocean pollution. My biggest annoyance with pets is when hotels have plastic wrapped every item in their toiletries kit – it’s so unnecessary and given the sales of these items, it creates a ton of waste. The Green Box is an innovative solution that adapts hotel stays to your sustainable lifestyle!

It’s a convenience kit designed to help hotels transition to a circular economy and avoid the waste created by millions of convenience kits thrown away by hotel chains – we use them once but they last on ours forever Planets. The Green Box is made of compostable plastic that allows hotels to industrially compost and recycle the items in a controlled environment. The design goes beyond providing a functional value and aims to educate guests about the material and its implications to encourage better choices even after the vacation is over. Each box comes with a disposable container for the room to introduce guests to the new type of waste stream. Guests will sort materials as compostable and non-compostable by simply following the color correction – green for compostable and white for general waste. Then they put the green compostable items in the green part of the box and the white parts (contaminated with bacteria to be composted) are disposed of with general waste.

Once separated, the green items are composted in an industrial facility along with the rest of the organic waste from the hotel restaurant. After 10 weeks of methanation, the soil and biogas that can be used to generate electricity remain. In fact, the green box could produce enough energy to power a standard LED light bulb for over 27 hours. The remaining organic matter could be used as soil fertilizer. The color system is easy to follow and guests can see for themselves how much waste is being created. This creates a nice circular design and business model that hotels can implement using bioplastics.

Designer: OnMateria