Published: 08/19/2021 2:48:38 PM

ORANGE – A local composting company plans to launch a residential food waste collection service within the next month.

Clear View Composting is expected to offer weekly or bi-weekly collections starting in mid-September. Owner Rick Innes said he or one of his employees will pick up customer’s five-gallon pails from the curb and replace them with clean ones.

“The rationale was that the main purpose of this business is to combat food waste. We have to ingest a lot of different material because food waste doesn’t compost well on its own, ”explains Innes. “It has to be mixed with other stuff because food waste is both too wet and too high in nitrogen and low in carbon.

“Thanks to an education I received at Maine Compost School years ago, we practice something called recipe-based composting, where you make a plan for the amount of ‘X’ of this material, ‘Y’ of this material, and so on,” added he added. “And we use that as a guide.”

The base price for residential food waste collection is $ 6. However, if there are multiple customers within about a fifth of a mile, they can get the service for $ 4.

Innes said he plans to run the service similar to The Compost Cooperative in Greenfield, with customers choosing a range of weekly or bi-weekly pickups and paying for them in advance. He said there had been inquiries from a few local people and from at least eight potential customers in Gill, Greenfield and Montague.

Innes stated that mixed material in ventilated static beds on site at 159 Quabbin Blvd. for at least three or four months with an air flow through white pipes. Once partially broken down, it is moved in swaths – rows of organic waste – to continue the process. The final sieved product sells for $ 50 per cubic meter, while the unscreened product costs $ 40 for the same amount. For $ 70, the company also has a product with a quarter-inch screen that looks more pleasant, he added.

Clear View Composting can be reached at 978-413-4455.

You can reach Domenic Poli at: [email protected] or 413-772-0261, extension. 262.