This is a press release from the city of Arcata:

Spring is here, the sun is starting to shine and many Arcata residents work in their gardens. Therefore, the Department of Environmental Services would like to remind the community of the benefits of composting.

Composting is the most effective way of gardening without waste, which also helps reduce food waste. Composting keeps food, food-contaminated paper, garden and grass debris out of the landfill and converts these materials into nutrient-rich foods for your garden.

Compost helps enrich the soil by retaining moisture, suppressing plant diseases and pest infestations, reducing the need for chemical fertilizers, and lowering your carbon footprint by reducing methane emissions from landfills. Compost is easy to make and use, and all you need to get started is a compost bin and a small outdoor area.

The Environmental Services Department is offering compost bins at a discounted price of $ 25 for Arcata residents who want to start composting in the spring. Those looking to purchase a trash can are asked to contact the Environmental Services Department by email [email protected] or by phone at (707) 822-8184. Proof of residence within Arcata city limits is required and contactless pickup arrangements are made upon purchase.

For more information on zero waste practices and composting tips, visit or contact the Environmental Services Department at (707) 822-8184.