When it comes to cleaning your gutters, there are tons of shape, size, and design options that will help you remove dirt more efficiently and with less risk. The best gutter cleaning tool for you will depend on which design works best for you – and, if you decide on an attachment, what tools you already have at home. These are the three main methods you can use to clean your gutters (and downspouts):

  • Manual: These are usually easy to use and often the most economical and accessible. This can be a hand shovel that requires you to climb a ladder or an extension tool that allows you to reach the gutters from the ground. Note that some extension tools come with the bar, while others are just attachments that require you to use the bar from an existing broom or mop.
  • water: Other tools use water to blow away leaves and clogs. These tools are usually attachments. Some are designed for your standard garden hose, while others are designed for use with a pressure washer.
  • air: Finally, there are attachments that use air to remove obstructions in your gutters – either by vacuuming or by blowing. The former works alongside your store or wet and dry vacuum cleaner, while the latter is attached to your leaf blower. Always check the dimensions to make sure the attachments are compatible with your specific models.

Whichever method best suits your needs, here are the seven best tools and attachments you can use to clean your gutters with either water, air, or manually:

1. The best attachment for extension poles

The Gutter Sense Cleaning Tool is an attachment that fits most standard poles so you can reach and clean your gutters without a ladder. When you pull on the braided rope, which extends up to 12 feet, the durable pliers will grab leaves, twigs, and moss. You can then throw them in the trash or use them for compost. This tool currently has 1,300+ reviews, and many report that it is an effective, inexpensive way to get the job done. ((The rod is not included in the scope of deliverySo if you don’t have a handle on a mop or broom, or if it isn’t long enough, consider the DocaPole, a sturdy, versatile and premium option that extends up to 24 feet.

One reviewer wrote: “Worth every penny! […] If I find out the cost of the rod and this tool, I’ll be way ahead of the game if I pay someone to do the job for me. ”

2. The best gutter shovel

When you are ready and able to climb a ladder, the Amerimax Home Products Gutter Bucket is the most economical and straightforward tool. Just put on a pair of gloves, make sure your stand is stable, and use the durable polypropylene to remove leaves, sticks, dirt and debris. It has a tall handle to keep your fingers out of the way, while its elongated, curved tongue and flexible mouth are designed to fit into your gutter without getting stuck.

One reviewer wrote: “This accelerated the cleaning of the gutters by about 20 minutes [is] also super cheap. Worth the money. My gutters also have nails on the inside and I would keep rubbing my hand on them and cutting them pretty badly. That saved me from that so I didn’t have to cut my hands open either. ”

3. The best hose attachment for gutters

The orbit rod attaches to your standard garden hose. It then uses an angled sweeping nozzle to direct the flow of water into a powerful stream while the telescopic pole reaches up to 70 inches for ladder-free use. The construction is light but durable, while the padded, non-slip handle is comfortable to hold. It’s a useful tool, according to reviewers – but plan on cleaning your gutters on a hot day as you will likely get sprayed.

One reviewer wrote: “I had no problem cleaning my gutter with this tool. And I hadn’t cleaned it in a few years. Will you get wet Yes, but I’ll get it wet balancing on a precarious ladder because of bushes and landscaping. With this tool I can clean my gutters easier and more often. ”

4. The best pressure washer attachment for gutters

If you have a pressure washer, this AgiiMan expansion kit is well worth the investment. When fully assembled, it extends up to 120 inches. It then has two separate attachments that direct the pressurized water into your gutter – as well as six different tips for different jet angles and cleaning solutions so you can use it on driveways, car bikes, and more. With 4 out of 5 stars and over 1,600 reviews, this is one of the most popular options for people who have (or want to buy) a pressure washer.

One reviewer wrote: “After trying unsuccessfully to clean the gutters with the existing wand on my pressure washer, I looked at other options. […] The length is easily adjustable and the additional nozzles and holders are a big plus. This is very versatile beyond its original purpose of purchase and will be put to good use in the future. ”

5. The best tool for hard-to-reach clogs

Last but not least, there is the water rocket for the water category. This tool is designed to clear clogs in hard-to-reach places like covered gutters, downspouts, culverts and even pipes. It attaches to your standard garden hose and then propels itself forward with rear-facing nozzles. The tapered head blasts away leaves, debris, and obstructions, and then you can just use the hose to pull it out. However, you will likely want a ladder to place in.

One reviewer wrote: “That thing really works! […] Impressive. I was totally surprised. I put it on the end of the hose and put it in the gutter. As soon as it hit the leaves, it began to pull and snake through the leaves. All I had to do was hose feed more. ”

6. The best shop vac accessories for gutters

These extension rods from WORKSHOP are available for use with most wet-dry or shop vacuum cleaners with a 2.5-inch hose attachment. The two straight pipes reach about 20 inches each (they can be stacked, but they lose a bit of suction, according to the manufacturer) while the 90-degree elbow soaks up leaves from the gutter. The set also comes with a straight nozzle to remove debris that has fallen on the floor. At 4.3 stars, this option is one of the top rated options on the market.

One reviewer wrote: “So simple and effective that it hurts. I can’t believe I’ve never cleaned a gutter this way before. But today I spent an hour cleaning all the gutters in our house. Those gutters were a mess and I filled two 12 gallon refills on my wet dry vacuum cleaner. No complaints!”

7. The best leaf blower for gutters

Finally, there’s this gutter cleaning kit from WORX that works with most of the major brands of leaf blowers on the market (including Black & Decker, Husqvarna, Toro, and of course Worx). The three extension tubes and angled elbow nozzle assemble in less than five minutes, so you can blow the obstacles out of your gutter with a strong, focused flow of air. Since it can reach up to 8 feet in total, there’s no need for a ladder, although reviewers recommend a hat and safety glasses.

One reviewer wrote: “This setup did a great job removing all of the leaves and debris from my gutters. Best of all, I never had to risk my life. ”