About the editor:

Just write to compliment your guest columnist on Tuesday February 16, Claire Weiss. For someone who has just graduated from high school, your article is very well-written, seemingly well-researched, and factual.

I’m not an expert on composting so I thought your explanation did a great job of describing the purpose / process. She should have a bright future in college. Well done Claire!

Congratulations also to the people at Oak Farm Montessori School. We are fortunate to have a school like this for motivated scientists. My granddaughter spent six or seven years at Oak Farm before moving to Canterbury, and her start at Oak Farm served her well against the best and brightest of Fort Wayne. She was blessed to be able to afford this path of education, but it shows that the staff and system are of the highest quality and can produce very high quality students. We as a community should do everything we can to help with scholarships or just to contribute to the education of a grandson. Oak Farm is a great asset – and made amends, Claire!

Phil Brechbill