With the ongoing pandemic and strict lockdown, alighting has become a dangerous activity. We all love to sit outside and get some fresh air or just enjoy the greenery in a garden, but all of this is currently on the rise due to Covid19. But don’t be discouraged. If you can’t walk into a garden, just create a small garden at home by building terrariums. With some super easy-care plants, you can easily build terrariums. Here is a list of low maintenance plants to add to your terrarium.

Artillery fern: They come from the fern family. The fern’s names are based on the way it is supposed to emerge from its seed. This plant needs medium to bright indirect light and you won’t need a lot of watering.

Aluminum plant: This plant grows pretty quickly so you’ll need to pinch it back on occasion. The aluminum plant is also easy to root. Just take a small cut and plant it in damp soil. It takes low to medium light with moist soil and you need to water it once a day during summer.

Creeping fig: It’s kind of a vine so you can get your bearings by various objects that will look amazing if your terrarium is big enough. This plant requires partial to full sunlight and can be watered occasionally in relation to water.

Croton: Use this plant to add a pop of color to your terrarium. These are used to decorate larger rooms, but you can safely put them in a terrarium. This plant needs bright indirect light and can be watered occasionally.

Remote button: There is something about a small button fern that is incredibly appealing, sturdy, and drought tolerant. It’s lightly wiped, but at the same time delicate and elegant. This plant needs full shade for filtered light and you can water it once a week.