GUILFORD, CT – Composting at home is one of the most important things you can do to reduce waste in our landfills, curb climate change, and save money for your family and the city, says Terri Cain, chair of the task force for sustainable Guilford.

In Connecticut, around 40 percent of our garbage is organic, says Cain, a Connecticut master composter and co-founder of Guilford Community Garden.

“We throw away over 500,000 tons of food waste every year that could be composted instead. And that compost is a valuable resource,” says Cain.

And yard and garden composting “enriches your soil by adding nutrients, strengthens plants to withstand disease, helps soil retain moisture, and makes your landscape more productive, whether you’re growing flowers or food.”

Composting is easy, educational, and fun for the whole family! Learn how to compost by watching Kain’s “Dive Into Compost” video here or on the city’s YouTube channel (see below).

To encourage people to compost, the South Central Regional Council of Governments through Brand Builders, LLC has agreed discounted prices on composters, rain barrels and supplies for local residents.

Shop for sales here or call 800-842-0527. After an order is placed, people can pick up their items in Guilford on Sunday April 25th, 10 am-1pm in the parking lot behind City Hall at 31 Park St.