Sunset Palliative Care has just completed its Sunshine Prize Draw for this year to raise funds for the Memory Garden expansion in Island Park.

The managing director Aldene Moroz outlines her great project and how much wonderful support was given.

“You saw from the community this year that we had sold 600 tickets,” says Moroz. “And so it’s kind of a little local draw, as we call it, and we sold out a month early. We were sold out through April 19th, so we can’t thank the community and our supporters enough for joining us helped this project. ” This year is a destination for our Memory Garden. And we’ve already raised $ 52,000. So it was very important that we reached our projected half of the total. The project costs us $ 102,000. “

Moroz says people want to see an extended garden on the island.

“It’s used for mourning groups,” adds Moroz. “It’s used for mourning. People can talk about memories over there. It’s just going to be a beautiful, beautiful garden. I was really lucky the other day when I received a donation of $ 10,000 from local insurance company Portage Mutual. Thank you Much again, Your Board of Directors – they know this project is important to us and we hope the rest of the community will come on board and support it because people need a nice place to sit and it will be stunning when it’s done. “

She notes that, weather permitting, the contractor has assured them that they will start shortly.

“We hope that everything will be in place – the arbors, all the interlocking bricks that are lockable for people in wheelchairs – probably no later than October 1st, if not September 1st,” continues Moroz. “There will be a terrace there. There will be a stage. There are arbours. People will be able to celebrate life. They can have a wedding ceremony there. They can have baptisms. It will be a beautiful setting, so is it.” exciting to see this. “

Moroz says if you would like to support the project you can give them a call at the Herman Prior Activity Center office. The phone number is (204) 857-3746.

She outlines how her support services are handled in times of palliative care.

“There is absolutely no financial cost to their families or to them,” says Moroz. “We have 35 wonderful, friendly, and dedicated volunteers who are always there to help.”

Sunshine raffle winners:

  • $ 10,000 – Zennia Semchyshyn
  • $ 2,500 – Rick Henderson
  • $ 1,500 – Jennifer Little
  • $ 1,000 – Tammy Adams

Click here to see the conceptual drawing of the full plan.