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Composting at home is a great way to help the environment and make the most of your food waste – but getting started can be intimidating. You need to learn what can be composted, how composted materials are disposed of and used, and which compost bin is best for your home. For the latter, Amazon buyers have discovered a small, practical compost bin for beginners and experts: OXO’s Good Grips Easy Clean compost bin.

While some indoor compost bins are difficult to clean and others difficult to empty, reviewers say the OXO compost bin gets around these general criticisms. This particular model has a small footprint, a sleek and modern look, and a thoughtful design that keeps odors and pests out.

To buy: OXO Good Grips Easy Clean Compost Bin, $ 20 on amazon.com

“So many things to love about this little can,” wrote one reviewer. “It’s small enough to be inconspicuous on the countertop, but big enough to hold compost for about a week. The lid lifts slightly so you can cut vegetables with one hand and lift the lid with the other and throw away leftovers. Cleaning up is a breeze, and finally, the gray paint looks unobtrusively good on my gray marble countertop. “

Another customer was pleased to find that the OXO compost bin completely eliminated their fruit fly problem. “We eat tons of fruit around the house. [We’re] great banana lovers, and it is difficult to keep fruit flies away when there are always some bowls in the trash to lay eggs in, ”they wrote. “This thing is perfect. I actually brought fruit flies into the house because the outdoor composter isn’t that far away (we don’t have a lot of land), and the flies just die instantly from finding nothing to eat or to lay eggs in. It was great. I no longer panic when I see a single fruit fly. “

Other admired features are the ease of use of the compost bin, especially with messy waste. “In all honesty, I’ve spent far too much time looking for options for a countertop compost bin and I’m glad I did,” wrote one reviewer. “This one is perfect and the reason I love it is its simplicity and ease of opening. I can have two hands full of leftovers and just open them with the back of my hand, throw the leftovers in and close in less than a second. ”