A WREXHAM construction company gave something back to a local nursing home that has struggled through the pandemic.

There is no denying that the past year has been a difficult time for everyone, not to mention families with elderly relatives in nursing homes.

Nursing home residents were cut off from the outside world for their own safety as visits were extremely restricted.

However, as coronavirus transmission rates continue to drop, the restrictions are beginning to ease in a gradual approach.

First Minister Mark Drakeford announced further easing of the current restrictions on Friday.

Of these, a second designated visitor can now see people in nursing homes, with visits from younger children being more flexible.

The old rectory in Llangollen is just a home where residents prepare to meet their loved ones after months.

When the nursing home owner Bethan reached out to the local company SG Estates to help them set up a “pub in the garden” for relatives to safely visit their family, SG Estates was “too pleased” to help .

Steve Griffin, the director of SG Estates, said the house offers an amazing facility and always has ideas to keep its residents entertained

He added, “We were only too pleased to support the Old Rectory and bring Bethan’s vision to life by helping them with the groundwork, paving the way, and providing materials and equipment.

“The rectory is a wonderful home and the smiles on the faces of the residents say it all, it was a pleasure to be there.”

Image from SG Estates