The combination of entering summer and being allowed to have people back in our gardens has resulted in a huge surge in the popularity of gardening and home improvement tools as people clean up their backyards. Fortunately for you, if you’re in the market for a lawn mower, grass cutter, hedge trimmer, or a range of other garden tools – Bosch is the currency with a huge sale on Amazon. A total of 21 of the brand’s top products have had their prices cut, with products cut by over £ 125 in some cases. You can shop the full sale here or scroll down to see our top deals for the biggest savings from this epic sale.

4.6 stars of 381 ratings

With this advanced grass cutter from Bosch, your grass will look tidy again.

With the cordless device you can easily cut grass, overgrown areas and garden edges and switch from trim and edge mode with a simple push of a button.

You can be extra careful with your beloved plants when using this tool as it can switch to plant protection mode so you can be extra precise and careful when trimming around plants.

To save: £ 126.87

4.7 stars of 428 ratings

Use this efficient cordless hedge trimmer to trim your hedges so they are enviable straight.

The trimmer is equipped with Quick-Cut technology, a system powerful enough to ensure twigs and branches are cut the first time for maximum efficiency and precise results.

To save: £ 29.80

4.7 stars of 219 ratings

If you consider yourself a do-it-yourselfer, you need the right tools – like this cordless multiple sander.

When you have a powerful sander on hand, sanding becomes so much easier than manual sanding. You save time and deliver more precise results.

To save: £ 30.82

4.6 stars of 553 ratings

Cut your grass with ease with this grass cutter that comes with an adjustable belt and handle so you can always find the right balance.

If you are working in a particularly overgrown area, you can easily toggle the trimmer between the blade and the cut line to penetrate those stubborn areas.

To save: £ 38.03

4.3 stars of 50 ratings

A good lawnmower is possibly the most important tool in a gardener’s arsenal because not only does it take much longer to use a sub-par model, it also produces average results.

This compact, cordless lawnmower from Bosch gives you maximum control, so you can mow close to the edges and switch between cutting heights for a precise, defined finish.

To save: £ 94.50