Horse Weigh International (HWIL) has launched a new composting machine to promote the most practical and financially efficient waste management plans for agricultural and rural businesses.

The rNature composting models use advanced technology to automatically compost farm waste, cattle market waste, slaughterhouse waste (categories 1, 2 and 3 from slaughterhouse processes), poultry processing plant waste, green waste for garden centers and large hotels enable golf resorts, food waste – for supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, fast food shops and all organic and biodegradable waste.

A range of models from the smallest rN25 (25kg composting capacity per day) to the rN20000 (20,000kg composting capacity per day) are available from HWIL to achieve an end result that is a massive 90% volume reduction over a period of just 18 minutes enables. 20 hours leaves a salable compost residue.

The machines should be highly efficient and use three-phase electricity. Each machine is charged to capacity on a daily basis and automatically processes three internal processes – grinding, heating and the action of the natural mother enzyme.

“This technology will allow our beloved landscape to say goodbye to the large thatch-based FYM / horse piles and the potential of sewage spillage into water courses,” said William Bedell, Director of HWIL With that agenda we are accurate with the Prime Minister’s recent environmental announcements right. ”

HWIL also hopes to divert waste from landfill sites and achieve sustainable solutions across a wide range of industries and facilities. In this way, the company believes it can solve the entire process of “organic waste” and close the loop.

The rN technology has proven itself, has been used extensively in the UAE for three years, on large poultry farms and in hotel and sports resort complexes, and can produce a salable compost.

Financially, they can stand on their own two feet without the need for government involvement in order to achieve a financially viable capital investment. Fast financial amortization from one to four years is possible.

These composting machines can significantly improve a company’s environmental agenda by eliminating almost entirely the carbon footprint of waste disposal.

Mr Bedell added: “I financially reviewed this technology 12 months ago with the owner of a large garden center in Ellesmere Port. The results showed that the machine was amortized in less than a year compared to the centre’s annual waste management costing.

“We currently have a roaming demonstration machine in the UK especially aimed at customers with large operations to test first. We can then tailor the machine with the right capacity to the daily production of organic waste in this company. ”

All rN composting machines have fully automatic operation, an 18-20 hour cycle, one empty per week, low operating costs, a 12 month guarantee and a service life of 10-12 years.