SHOREWOOD – Shorewood residents in need of a tool, tent, or maybe gardening tools can move from a growing virtual shed shared by neighbors.

Scott Yanoff founded the Shorewood Shed about a year ago.

“I had been thinking about a pressure washer and I probably wanted to rent it, and I thought someone must have a pressure washer. said Yanoff.

Yanoff built a website and started the shed by offering his tools and resources. Since then, the shed has grown among neighbors who offer more than 150 items on loan.

The website brings residents willing to lend together with those willing to lend. Yanoff said it’s called “crowdlending”.


“Our most popular category would be tools, things like hand tools. There are lots of saws in it, lots of lawn and garden tools, medical equipment, and leisure equipment. There are board games in there, ”said Yanoff.

Residents visit the website, see if the item they need is listed and contact the neighbor via email or Facebook. Anyone can offer an item to borrow.

“Before I go on Amazon, I literally just check the Shorewood Shed to see if it’s available for us before I buy anything,” said resident Caroline Kreitlow.

Kreitlow first heard about the shed on Facebook and found it useful several times, most recently when she needed a puzzle.

“Not only is it nice to save money, but it creates community. It’s really nice because Shorewood is only a square mile and it’s really nice to just show up and say to someone I’ve never met before.” :” my neighbour! Thank you for lending me this, ‘”said Kreitlow.

Another benefit of the shed is sustainability.

“If you can borrow an item instead of buying it, you are not contributing to the consumer society where you create something that eventually becomes a product that is thrown away,” said Yanoff.

“Just give it back when you’re done and everyone is really respectful of it. It’s a really nice thing,” said Kreitlow.

After about a year, Yanoff is hoping the shed will keep growing.

“I would only encourage people to check out the website, even if they don’t live in Shorewood, because it could be a model I would use to help others in other parts of this community,” said Yanoff.

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