This pest control company is helping homeowners get their pest problems under control quickly and effectively without breaking the bank.

Pest control is probably one of the most common problems faced by homeowners across the country. In many cases, homeowners have no choice but to leave it to the professionals and use the services of pest control companies. Professional treatment can cost hundreds of dollars a year, can take up to several weeks to complete, and sometimes doesn’t last long enough. When this happens all the inconveniences come into play, including health risks and budget constraints.

Pestie, a subscription-based, do-it-yourself pest control solutions company, is helping Americans avoid this type of situation. Pestie provides a quick, worry-free, budget-friendly, yet effective way to control home pests. Pestie automatically adjusts a pest control plan for each homeowner to ensure the most effective, long-lasting pest control solution.

“There is a growing trend of homeowners and tenants tired of overpaying for services they can do themselves. Pestie gives these people the tools to perform professional pest control at a fraction of the price of traditional companies, ”said Matthew Rogers, CEO of Pestie.

Each of Pestie’s pest control kits includes everything needed to protect the home from pests. It includes a professional pest control solution and application kit. All the homeowner has to do is follow the instructions included in the kit and start spraying outside the home. The process only takes about five minutes and is over. Another kit will be provided when it is time to reapply.

Pestie’s solutions have proven to be quick and effective. They guarantee quick results and long-lasting protection due to the millions of microscopic capsules that the pesticides contain in the formula. These capsules stick to the pests’ cuticles before the pesticide is delivered directly to the beetles. The same capsules protect the pesticide from the elements such as sun and rain, which means that the solution lasts longer than the usual pesticide. And while Pestie’s solutions have been shown to be effective and, when used as directed, will be worry-free around children, pets, and plants.

Each of Pestie’s solutions is customizable to suit the location of the house. The company uses Pest IQ, a state-of-the-art algorithm that uses hundreds of data points such as climate data and insect trends to automatically optimize the plan that would be best for a given home.

And unlike expensive pest control solutions, Pestie reduces costs for vendors and technicians, making it budget friendly and a preferred solution for any home.

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Pestie is a subscription-based, do-it-yourself pest control solutions company. It delivers region-specific pest control solutions that are carefree for people, pets and plants.

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