HARTSVILLE, SC – Novolex® today announced the introduction of a new production line in Chattanooga, Tennessee, to make compostable cold beverage cups from a plant-based plastic.

The clear cups are made from polylactic acid (PLA), a plastic polymer made from starch-based plants like corn, sugar cane and wheat straw. The cups will be available from Novolex brand Eco-Products®, a leading provider of food service packaging made from renewable and recycled resources.

“PLA looks, behaves and works like a conventional clear plastic, but is 100% compostable in commercial composting facilities,” said Adrianne Tipton, Novolex’s chief technology officer. “It’s another sustainable choice that we can proudly offer our customers.

“At Novolex, we are focused on a future where the packaging we make is recyclable or compostable,” added Tipton.

The new production line at the Novolex manufacturing complex in Chattanooga features cutting-edge technology from some of the world’s leading suppliers of thermoforming and extrusion equipment.

The environmental benefits of PLA products are twofold. First, they are made from renewable raw materials such as corn, which can be grown over and over again. Second, third-party PLA products are BPI certified compostable, which means that instead of ending up in a landfill, the products can be turned into fertile soil.

“We make cups made from plants that can be composted after use so the plants can grow again,” said Ian Jacobson, President of Eco-Products. “It is part of our commitment to work with our customers to achieve their zero waste goal, a win for our customers and the environment.”

To learn more, watch this video or visit www.Novolex.com for information on other innovative solutions from Novolex.

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Novolex develops and produces various packaging products for various sectors in the areas of food service, delivery service, food processing and industry, which affect almost every aspect of daily life. The Novolex family of brands provides customers with innovative food and delivery packaging and performance solutions for their business needs today, while investing in research and development to make more sustainable decisions for the future. With more than 10,000 families of employees, Novolex operates 55 production facilities in North America and Europe, including two world-class recycling centers for plastic films. To learn more about Novolex, visit www.Novolex.com.

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Eco-Products, a Novolex brand and certified B Corp, is a leading provider of food service packaging made from renewable and recycled resources. Eco-Products provides packaging with real environmental benefits, working with customers to improve composting and recycling, and working with the broader industry to change the way businesses and consumers think and manage waste . With the goal of zero waste as part of the company’s mission, Eco-Products uses the economy as a positive force. Visit www.ecoproducts.com for more information.