A NEW community composter was installed in Fordingbridge.

Fordingbridge Greener Living has opened the Ridan hot composter in the city’s allotment gardens.

A spokesperson for the group said, “When we started our group, one of our dreams was to have a community composter, but we wondered how we could afford one as it is quite expensive. In late 2020, Louise Tonkin of our group applied for a grant from the Waste Prevention Community Grant Fund (supported by Hampshire County Council) and we successfully received close to £ 5,000 for the purchase of this amazing composting system. ”

Fordingbridge Greener Living also worked with Fordingbridge Councilor Anna Wilson to find a suitable location.

A working group of volunteers prepared the area in May.

The Ridan Composter is designed to break down most food, more than can be put on a regular house compost heap, which is then turned into compost for the community.

The spokesman added: “Our goal is to reduce the amount of food waste and CO2 emissions by reducing the weight of the waste that has to be transported for disposal.

“We estimate that we can save up to 39,520 kg of Co2 per year and also benefit from the production of locally produced compost. We also believe that it is an opportunity to strengthen community cohesion. ”

There is a team of “Ridan rangers” who are trained to use and control the composter and to put the waste in a maturing bin.

A compost club is open to all residents of Fordingbridge and the surrounding area who are currently packing their garbage in the black bags. The members are trained. Apply

Send an email to [email protected], go to fordingbridgegreenerliving.org or the Facebook group.