As you get older, your independence is important. According to an article by J Hous Elderly, independence is “a critical ingredient for successful aging”. Unfortunately, aging on the spot also has some challenges, from taking care of your home and property to shopping for groceries to feeling lonely. And if you don’t have a family to help you (or don’t want to burden them with questions), maintaining your independence in your own home can be difficult.

Fortunately, a company in Utah has a solution. Grandkids LLC is an all-in-one home, auto, and life support company that supports seniors with everything.

It’s no secret that most seniors these days prefer to age in place. According to the AARP, 77% want to stay in their communities for as long as possible. Unfortunately, this is not always possible without a helping hand.

Seniors, assisted living and skilled care facilities have some things in common: They are expensive, and most seniors would prefer not to use them. According to, independent shared apartments can cost seniors between $ 1,500 and $ 4,000 per month. Assisted living facilities range from $ 3,500 to a whopping $ 10,500 per month.

For many seniors, aging is independent and only a small help in place. Highly functioning seniors may be perfectly equipped to support themselves at home, but cannot cope with the nuances of daily living, especially with a garden that needs pruning, a house that needs cleaning, and various errands to run have to.

Grandkids LLC is a comprehensive solution service tailored to the specific needs of each aging customer. With monthly service packages that cover everything from outdoor maintenance to housework and emotional support, there is something for every senior.

With the Grandkids’ indoor services, your home is kept clean – and within budget – with weekly cleaning, weekly linen change, grocery shopping and other household chores. Seniors in need of a little more help can opt for monthly deep cleans (including appliances), dishes cleaning every other day or as needed, and laundry service.

And since your home encompasses the property around you, you can let The Grandkids look after your lawn year-round, with weekly lawn maintenance, bush and hedge trimming, leaf raking and cleaning, and snow removal if necessary. Those who need more help can opt for cleaning gutters, lawn aeration, weed control and lawn fertilization, among other things.

The new aged care service helps seniors with maintenance, gardening, cleaning and much more Photo: Shutterstock

Of course, your life is not all about your home and property. That’s why The Grandkids is designed to get as much off your shoulders as possible. This can include regular auto maintenance, animal care, technical support, scheduling, pharmaceutical pickup – or whatever your specific needs may be.

If you are grandparents, you know that grandchildren are much more than just helping around the house. They are also the emotional, memory-building support you need in your golden years.

The Grandkids understand your needs – physically and emotionally – and are there to help whenever you need it. Whether you need your sidewalk or a Monopoly partner, your support team at The Grandkids has it all for you.

In fact, the company’s “Memories” package helps you record and preserve your memories and wisdom for generations to come.

Along with its fully customizable packages, The Grandkids is excited to add CNA services to its menu in June. For seniors who need home and garden support, as well as regular medical attention, The Grandkids is the one stop shop to help seniors maintain their independence during their retirement. For more information on packages, please contact The Grandkids LLC or call 801-915-0475.


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