Traditional forms of burial for the deceased, such as cremations and burials, are not considered environmentally friendly.

Now the US state of California is trying to change that.

‘Natural organic reduction’

A new bill under scrutiny by the California Senate would essentially allow people to choose what happens to their bodiesthat goes beyond the traditional types of burial and cremation.


Perhaps soon people can opt for “natural organic reduction,” which is essentially human composting. The bill was tabled for the second time in February by Cristina Garcia of the California Assembly.

If passed, California would be the fourth US state to legalize human composting.

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The human composting project was started by a company called Recompose, Los Angeles Magazine reported.

Although the thought of letting your body decompose after death can make most people uncomfortable, the environmentally friendly way of closing it down could become mainstream, especially given the extreme effects of climate change.

Currently, Californians can be buried or cremated – either by water or fire.

“A literal return to earth”

Environmentally conscious people are now looking for better ways to deal with their physical selves after death. According to Recompose Outreach Manager Anna Swenson, “natural organic reduction enables a literal return to earth”.

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Swenson told The Guardian that some people “like the idea of ​​being in a forest when they die”.

Natural way?  California could soon legalize human compostingReassemble

What does human composting entail?

When a human body undergoes natural organic reduction, the corpse is surrounded with straw, wood, alfalfa before it is in an airy metal chamber.

According to The Guardian, a month after this process begins, the bones begin to break down into nutrient-rich soil.

Natural way?  California could soon legalize human compostingUnsplash

The process is good for the environment because a single cycle prevents a ton of carbon dioxide from entering the earth’s atmosphere.

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With this near-natural process, no fossil fuels are burned during cremation and greenhouse gases are isolated in the soil.

Would you be okay with nature taking control of your body after you die? Let us know in the comments.