The compost on the rubbish diversion is sold out, more will likely be available in August

Local residents waste no time scooping compost from the city’s rubbish diversion point.

The city sold out the compost after selling 123 tons so far this year. More should be ready for sale in mid to late August.

It’s a long way from 2020 when the city sold about 3,000 tons. That’s more than double the amount sold in a typical year.

Greg Preston, director of environmental services, said to meet demand, the city plans to make more compost available to the general public. Most are bought in bulk, often from companies.

“It’s popular stuff, especially this time of year,” said Preston.

The staff takes time to prepare the compost for sale. Once it arrives at the rubbish diversion point on Kitchener Street, it needs to be checked and tested to make sure it meets provincial standards. It’s worth the hard work, said Preston.

“All of this is diverted from the landfill. That’s the key here. It really helps the environment and the landfill, ”he said, adding that it also“ generates revenue to offset taxes ”.

The municipal yard waste collection program began in 1990 as a pilot project and was officially implemented in 1993. Most of the time, compost was sold to the public.

The program was also supported by the city’s switch to bi-weekly garbage collection in 2015.

“People don’t want (compost) sitting around for two weeks,” Preston said, noting that this has resulted in a steady increase in the use of green bins, which are collected along with recycling on a weekly basis.

In 2016, 2,526.36 tons of compost were collected on the curb. This amount has continued to grow annually (2,575.76 tons in 2017, 2,757.60 tons in 2018, 3,115.78 tons in 2019 and 3,531.59 tons in 2020).

Though it’s temporarily out of compost, the city still has brushwood and tree wood chips for sale, “but they shouldn’t be viewed as quality mulch that you would buy in the store,” Preston said, noting they were quick to move fall apart in a garden.

For those looking to buy compost when it becomes available again in the summer, they can expect $ 15 per tonne and a $ 5 loading fee if city officials load it for them. The minimum amount that can be bought is one ton. The cost to buy in bulk is $ 11 per ton.

For more information about the program, call the waste diversion office at 705-325-3522.