Jock Watson gives the supervisor Nathan Reade a tour of the garden.

Residents of a local nursing home used their green fingers to enter a national gardening competition.

For National Gardening Week, Meadowlark staff helped upgrade their outdoor space as they competed with 14 other Renaissance Care Group homes to transform any area of ​​the garden or entrance into something bright and cheerful.

Renaissance communications manager Kirstene Feenan confirmed that the care provider regularly develops creative activities that residents enjoy and benefit from.

She said, “Our residents, family members and nursing home workers had great fun taking part in the competition.

“They also learned and shared new skills – the gardens have never looked so loved.

“We wanted to create the opportunity to reconnect with loved ones and we are very happy that this competition allowed friends and family members to have a good time with the residents.

“Those who did not take part commented how nice it was to see happy people in the houses again.”

Carer Wendy Lyon supports Janette Clark.Carer Wendy Lyon supports Janette Clark.

Renaissance Care initially initiated the event to celebrate the benefits nature and nature can bring to health and wellbeing.

Green-fingered workers, residents and families battled it out to win the titles of best transformation, greatest resident engagement, greatest community engagement, and greatest resident inclusion and creativity. “

Meadowlark Care Home was awarded the Greatest Resident Engagement.

Meadowlark now has a mini-croft where residents grow root vegetables to use in a warming soup later this year.

George Stewart plants potatoes.George Stewart plants potatoes.

All residents were invited to help, but Gordie Stewart and activity coordinator Derra Kew took the lead.

Derra said, “The residents taught me how to grow vegetables and plants.

“Gardening was never an interest of mine, but seeing how much they enjoy it really made me want to learn more.

“It was great to hear ideas for the garden and it will be a lot of fun bringing them to life over the next few months.”

Jenetta Kennedy is planting some seedlings.Jenetta Kennedy is planting some seedlings.

Nan Preston, Annie Watson, Jenny Kennedy, Evelyn Masson, Sue Swanson, and Hilda Prentice were the other residents who mainly supported the activity.

Shallots, tatties, herbs – some exotic varieties – tomatoes, strawberries and cucumbers were planted.

Susan Swanson prunes and weeds one of the raised beds.Susan Swanson prunes and weeds one of the raised beds.

Derra said, “The residents used garden magazines to choose the flowers they liked.

“Then pictures were cut out to help Manager Casey and I get the right things from the garden centers.

“We have been working on the garden for a few days, planning and planting. Now we take turns taking care of it.”

Robina MacKenzie feeds the plants.Robina MacKenzie feeds the plants.

She concluded, “The residents are happy to have won and look forward to enjoying the vegetables once they have all grown.

“Gordie had a fantastic time and Nan-Reports was enjoying her self-proclaimed role as Chief Weeder!”

Robert Paterson selects flowers to plant.Robert Paterson selects flowers to plant.

Meadowlark is located on Mannachie Road and offers its elderly residents person-centered care and support.

Meadowlark’s team, led by home manager Casey Whittaker, caters to residents with diverse needs, from personal hygiene to specialized diagnostics.

Cally Miller enjoys a cup of tea after sowing seeds in her planter.Cally Miller enjoys a cup of tea after sowing seeds in her planter.Margaret Mackenzie plants seeds.Margaret Mackenzie plants seeds.