Letters to the editor: June 24-30, 2021

Useful for Cash-Flushed FC to resume compost absorption


Until 2008, the City of Falls Church offered its citizens free leaf compost in truckloads delivered by the city. The Great Recession ruined this program, although the compost is still free to collect. But only a few of us have pickup trucks that are suitable for hauling loads of it.

The city’s cash register is now empty. There is talk of lowering tax rates because the city is getting so much money.

So why not resume deliveries? If it was possible earlier, why not now?

Many homeowners in the city – some of whom have paid commercial services for them – would greatly appreciate this!

Ted White

Falls church

Loud car mufflers are allowed under New Virginia law


Is rest now a thing of the past? There are only a few quiet evenings left in my neighborhood.

Loud cars thunder along Leesburg Pike in the Bailey’s Crossroads skyline area. As in nearby Annandale and other neighborhoods, this has become a regular sport for young men in cars while the rest of us try to sleep within earshot of this cacophony.

I now keep my windows closed instead of breathing fresh air because it is usually accompanied by the staccato of the rear-facing engines. Because even a law passed in November last year (HB 5058 / SB 5029) backfired.

This section of the new Virginia law that deals with loud mufflers has seriously affected my quality of life and many others. I’ve lived in Bailey’s Crossroads for 38 years and have never heard anything so distracting.

These drivers know they have been given the freedom to disturb the peace because the new law states that “no law enforcement officer can lawfully stop a motor vehicle … without an exhaust system that prevents excessive or abnormal noise levels …” .

The motivation behind the law is laudable – eliminating fewer driving violations, which are likely to primarily affect poor minority drivers who cannot afford to maintain their cars. However, the young adults whose vehicles make the most noise are certainly not in this category because they drive decent cars with the intention of making noise.

The military helicopters are another issue. The members of Congress can’t seem to solve this problem, but at least they didn’t invite the noise, as the Virginia delegation did with the mufflers.

We want our nocturnal rest back!

David McAlary

Falls church

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