The Kelowna-based company that markets a countertop composter saw strong online demand for its product this week.

Pela took pre-orders worth $ 3.2 million on the Indiegogo crowdfunding website for its Lomi composter, which the company expects to ship to customers in November or December. The units cost 474 Cdn.

“Day 1 of our Lomi Indiegogo campaign was a HUGE success! We exceeded our fundraising goal in just three minutes and already had over 6,800 supporters,” the company published on its Facebook page on Wednesday.

The company describes Lomi as an innovative electrical appliance the size of a bread maker, with which kitchen waste such as meat and dairy products as well as compostable plastics can be composted quickly and quietly.

“Similar to a dishwasher, our goal is that every household has a Lomi,” said company founder Matt Bertulli in a press release

“The contemporary design and seamless functionality make it easier than ever for consumers to change the way they approach household waste and composting,” said Bertulli.

According to the company, Lomi uses heat, abrasion, and oxygen to “accelerate the breakdown of food waste into fragmented biomass, much like earthworms fragment and mix plant tissue in the soil, but without odor and dirt.”

The device has various speeds, the fastest of which can turn leftovers and other compostable materials into fertilizer for soil enrichment within four hours.

Lomi can handle vegetables, fruits, animal products, and other foods, according to the company. It doesn’t produce any odor and creates a noise level between that of a refrigerator and an exhaust fan in the bathroom, according to the company.

The money raised through Indiegogo will be used to mass-produce the composers at a factory in China, the company said. The published production schedule is for full production to begin in July, equipment to be imported into North America by October, and delivery to customers in December.

Pela started manufacturing compostable plastic phone cases. Lomi has the potential to reduce typical household waste volumes by up to 50%, according to the company.

“We chose to start Lomi on Indiegogo because we believe fighting climate change must be a group effort and we wanted early access and the best possible pricing for those willing to join our mission “says the company.