Rainbow Lawncare’s Nick Walters talks about how to maintain your garden at the beginning of the growing season.

MINNEAPOLIS – It’s that time of year.

“Grass is slowly turning green, everything is starting to grow,” says Nick Walters of Rainbow Lawncare.

Nick says many people may be dealing with some hot spots in their lawn due to snow mold and stains from their dogs.

When it comes to snow mold, Nick says light raking should do the trick.

“The dog stains – you have to rake a little more aggressively to actually get the old, dead material out of there – because that won’t grow back,” he says. “Then they want to put some soil and some seeds.”

When it comes to mowing your yard, Nick says it’s important not to miss out right away.

“If you cut too much plant material early in the year, you lose a lot of leaf tissue, which actually photosynthesizes and creates energy for the grass,” says Nick.

According to Nick, it’s okay to wait a bit to water your yard.

“You don’t want to start watering too early in the year – and make the lawn dependent on water,” he says. “You want the roots to look for water at this point – so I wouldn’t be in a big rush to charge your irrigation system or get the sprinklers out.”

If you haven’t started any work on your yard, it’s a good time to make sure all of your equipment is ready to go. Nick says a lot of people forget to keep the lawn mower knife sharp. He said this is something your local hardware store can help you with.