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The state of Oregon is now the third state in the United States to legalize human composting. The decision will enable those who want to make sure they are doing their part to protect the environment, even after they die.

Governor Kate Brown signed House Bill 2574 last Tuesday. However, anyone planning their funeral cannot have their bodies composted until July 2022. The term for this form of aftercare is “natural organic reduction” and means turning the human body into earth.

This natural bio-reduction is more environmentally friendly than the other available forms of aftercare. A traditional burial permanently occupies a piece of land and can also lead to toxins entering nearby soils and bodies of water, as the corpses to be buried are embalmed with formaldehyde. Formaldehyde itself can be extremely dangerous to animals as animals in contact with the compound can have fertility problems and a shorter lifespan. Cremations have their own problems and even contribute to global warming by releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Natural organic reduction has much less impact on the environment as it turns the human body into soil that can be used for planting, and many people think that this could be a good option for them in due course.

Not that Twitter is a great way to record funeral wishes, but I think having compost and then using the soil for flowers or other plants seems like the perfect way to honor my body.

– Rabble (@rabble) June 18, 2021

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