WORCESTER – Just like requesting an Uber ride on your phone takes just a few taps, homeowners in the Worcester area can now request a lawn care service through an app on their phone.

GreenPal, an app that connects homeowners with local lawn care workers, was launched in Worcester.

Joseph Painchaud, owner of J&J Lawn Care, has signed up as a vendor and believes inventing the app will be a win-win for both the customer and the local lawn care professional.

“I have routes that I create for the year … For example, when I’m in the Tatnuck Square neighborhood of Worcester and I pull up the GreenPal app, there are a couple of lines that haven’t been bid on. I can bid on them and when I accept it, I’ll add it to my route for that day, “Painchaud said.

Painchaud also added that customers do not need to interact face-to-face with lawn care workers while mowing the lawn.

“Everything is done through the app. It’s like an Uber for lawn maintenance,” he said.

The app was first introduced in Nashville in 2012 and has so far operated in 49 states and 250 other markets.

Gene Caballero, co-founder of GreenPal, said of the app that the feature will allow sellers to bid on lawns without having to visit the property in person by viewing the property via Google Street View, aerial photos, or other details provided by the homeowner , consider.

Likewise, homeowners can see the price of another provider and use their reviews, ratings and work photos to decide which provider they want to work with.

“I’ve been in the landscape industry all my life. I think Uber and Lyft and even Amazon just touch a button and things magically appear. This is the experience we were looking for. ”Caballero said. “I think the whole consumer trend has changed our view of how we order things and how we want products and services in the future. It’s just kind of neatly connected to all of these new human responses … It’s just easier to do it with a few taps of your smartphone. “

Historically, this industry was a cash business, Caballero said. With the invention of the app, GreenPal is eliminating the need to meet up to pay and use cash, which has helped stop the spread of the germs and the pandemic in particular.

The app launched in Boston last year, and Caballero saw the market expand into submarkets like Worcester.

In the Boston area, around 300 to 400 landscapers have signed up to be vendors and the rebooking rate in the area is about 80%, Caballero said.

“When both parties sign up, our data is basically just, ‘Hey, this (Worcester) is a market that we know we need to get started asap,'” he said. “Having successfully launched in 250 additional markets, we are excited to help Worcester homeowners find reliable, safe, local lawn care.”

Visit the GreenPal website for more information.