Wheelbarrows are indispensable garden tools in the house and at work for all gardeners and do-it-yourselfers with a green thumb. The best wheelbarrow allows you to haul heavy loads with incredible ease. Are you building a house extension and need to move bricks? Your wheelbarrow is the tool you are looking for first. Check out our buying guide so you will be prepared the next time you need a trolley.

Why is it important to use a wheelbarrow?

Construction machinery can be expensive. Even the smallest of tractors will take you a long way. However, an old school wheelbarrow is a pretty simple lawn implement that can really do a lot of work. Nobody wants to lug around bags of earth pulling their backs out – a wheelbarrow with a sturdy wheel will evenly distribute the weight of your load so you can move a lot more weights around than you could lift. However, there are a few key factors that you need to consider before choosing the best wheelbarrow to get gardening and home repair jobs done in a snap.

What is to be consideredJump

There are a few things to keep in mind when deciding which one you need. First, consider the weight of the item to be transported. For gardening, you are dragging soil around and you should choose one that is easy to transport to all areas of the garden. If you’re looking for a wheelbarrow to help you haul cement and bricks around, you need the strongest wheelbarrow available so your wheels won’t break while you work.

Another important consideration is the number of wheels you would like to have. A single wheel can be handy for getting around quickly and getting pretty much where you need to be. The only downside is that you have to carry the load by the handles. There are some great options with multiple wheels or towing cart features that make it easy for you to carry heavy loads. Whether you’re looking for a casual wheelbarrow for hauling camping gear, an everyday gardening tool, or a serious workhorse for house building, our guide will help you make the decisions you need to make to get the best wheelbarrow.

Best wheelbarrow for gardening: Garden Star 70005 Large Steel Tray Yard Rover Wheelbarrow

Quality wheels

An absolute must for the gardener with the green thumb. Garden star


If you are out in the garden, you will likely need to move soil and lots of dirt. The twin wheels on this garden wheelbarrow mean it can carry a whopping 400 pounds. Its air-filled tires allow you to roll over hills and rocky paths, and we love its handy hanging handle that saves you space in your shed. It is safe to say that there is no task that this cannot help with, which makes it the perfect garden tool.

Best kids wheelbarrow: Costzon children’s wheelbarrow made of metal

A small green wheelbarrow with a black wheel and a yellow structure.

Small and fun

Include the little ones in your next house project. Cost zone


Everyone remembers the feeling of wanting to help your parents with “adult” tasks that stretched beyond your years. With this super cute kids wheelbarrow, your little ones can play in the garden while you continue with your garden project. A classic construction and a green and yellow paint finish make this retro toy look timeless. Although it is made for children, the high-quality workmanship and the sturdy bike mean that it can be pushed in any terrain. This little wheelbarrow is super sturdy so you can avoid accidental spills.

Best multiple use: WORX WG050 Aerocart 8-in-1 2-wheel wheelbarrow

A small silver wheelbarrow with two black wheels and a silver structure and an orange support end at the bottom.


With the ability to turn this wheelbarrow into a dolly, you can do more. WORX


This 8-in-1 WORX wheelbarrow is the perfect tool for a lot of homework. With its ability to carry up to 200 pounds, it can serve as a great garden tool. Hold it upright and it becomes a dolly or bag holder that is great for unloading items from the car or unpacking a large store. If you’re moving, this will be your first choice for moving around huge boxes of all of the things you’ve collected over the years. Two sturdy tires allow a smooth ride that never needs to be inflated. One of the coolest features of this multipurpose gardening tool is an extendable plant mover that lets you move house plants or lift heavy stones up to 80 pounds, making it a really useful gardening tool for any heavy-duty work you do yourself able to imagine.

Best foldable wheelbarrow for gardening: Allsop Home and Garden WheelEasy Folding Yard Cart / Ground Load Wheelbarrow

A small gray wheelbarrow with a black wheel and a piece of cloth.

Foldable and light

Put that wheelbarrow back in the closet when you’re done. Allsop


Not everyone has tons of storage space for large garden tools like this one. This is where this foldable all-sop wheelbarrow comes in – its great design allows it to carry up to 350 pounds, but it can also be folded up to be just a little bigger than an umbrella. The ultra-thick vinyl material allows you to do all kinds of pushing, pulling and transporting. And because it can reach the ground, it’s absolutely perfect for raking leaves or sweeping up soil.

Best wheelbarrow for under $ 75: Marathon Industries Yard Rover two wheeled wheelbarrow for residential buildings

A small wheelbarrow in green color with two black thin wheels.

Green machine

A lightweight wheelbarrow that is easy to push. Marathon industries


The Marathon Dual Wheel Rover is a great budget choice for anyone looking for a small wheelbarrow that can do a little housework. With a 300 pound capacity, you can get your gardening done with ease. It’s 29 lbs, which is considerably lighter than most heavy-duty models. A nice loop handle makes pulling, pushing or even hanging super easy.

What is the benefit of a wheelbarrow?

Wheelbarrows are a fantastic way to move heavy items like earth, bricks, or just about anything that is too bulky to carry by hand. Just load your wheelbarrow and you can pull or push it as needed. Pull cart wheelbarrows allow you to carry a truckload of items with one hand.

How Much Weight Can You Carry in a Wheelbarrow?

One of the best things about wheelbarrows is how much they can handle. A sturdy, heavy-duty model with sturdy wheels can support hundreds of pounds. The best thing to do is to look at the details of your desired selection to make sure it is for your use. Gardening and raking leaves usually require a small wheelbarrow that is lighter than those used for construction and more serious home improvement.

How many wheels should a wheelbarrow have?

A wheelbarrow can have one to four wheels. A wheelbarrow with one wheel means you can move it around quickly and easily. If you want more stability and can carry more weight, two wheels offer additional support. If you want to carry things around that could fly out, consider a four-wheeler – they’ll even keep your cart on the ground.

The final word on choosing the best wheelbarrow

Now that you know everything, you can make an informed decision about buying the best wheelbarrow. A great wheelbarrow will make any task that involves moving bulky things much easier – your back and arms will thank you for it. What are you waiting for?