One GRAN planting soil for her rose beds ended up with 12 tons of compost dumped in front of her house.

Jo Edwards with the green fingers tried to freshen up her flower beds and allotments during the lockdown – but she easily overestimated the amount of soil she needed.

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Jo Edwards was left with mounds of earth dumped in front of her houseCredit: BPMShe accidentally ordered 12 TONS of compost for her lockdown project


She accidentally ordered 12 TONS of compost for her lockdown project

Realizing she needed compost to fill in some rose beds that she had made for her grandchildren, Jo decided to order three bags online.

The grandmother from Liskeard, Cornwall, found it would be cheaper to get the largest batch she could find without realizing how much compost she had ordered.

She expected to have enough to fill the 3.9 x 1.3 m rose beds she had built – but in the end she had way too many.

Speaking to Cornwall Live, the full time support agent said, “During the initial lockdown, I was busy building a parcel right next to my house that was overgrown and turned into a project.

“I decided to make some rose beds for the grandchildren and order compost for them.

“I was trying to figure out how much I would need for six rose beds and working it out on about three large garbage bags. It took a while.

“I’ve been trying to figure out what the crowd would look like and it’s pretty much.

“Then I realized that getting the biggest load I could get would get cheaper.

“It was pretty dramatic when it came up and a surprise when I saw 12 tons of earth in front of my property.”

In order not to waste the soil, Jo is now planning to build more rose beds so that she can use up her 12 tons of soil.

But she also only has a wheelbarrow to move the hill to her parcel – which means her light-hearted lockdown project will take more time than expected.

She added that the compost hill turned a few heads but “kept the kids entertained”.

Jo said: “Quite a few who saw the pictures on Facebook came to take a look.

“I only do my assignments, but everyone finds it entertaining. People think I’m crazy.


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“It could be a couple of weeks before I get my assignment.

“I only have one wheelbarrow to move everything. So if I do the loads wheelbarrow by wheelbarrow, it will definitely take some time.”

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