Florida’s first “Zero Waste” 5 km race will take place on September 12th at 7:30 am in the picturesque city center of Venice.

The course includes 2 laps on the city’s famous tree-lined street.

The race starts and ends on Daquiri Deck and Centennial Park, and includes a post-race party with beer garden, food (including vegan options), live music, and awards.

The main goal is to raise awareness of environmentally conscious behavior in the running community (and the non-running community).

This means that disposable water bottles, plastic bags (or other items that simply end up in the landfill) are not used when running.

Water stops on the route come with reusable silicone cups that are collected, disinfected and reused.

Enviroracing also uses areca palm leaf plates, which decompose in 6-8 weeks.

On her ongoing series, “Gayle On The Go,” Bloom host Gayle Guyardo met with race organizers Mariryan Heschmeyer and Heather Butcher, who have built huge high-tech composting plants designed to shred a variety of materials used in races .