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The City of Cold Lake’s Compost Days program is coming to an end for another year, but it’s not quite over yet.

Using the organic material collected from residents, the Compost Days program is providing free, premium composting material to residents of Cold Lake and the surrounding area.

Since the program started on May 9, the city estimates that around 610 locals have consumed more than 88 tons of compost this year. And material is still available for collection until June 30th or while stocks last.

“This is a great program and one that has been very well received by the public, both in terms of providing organic produce for composting and the interest we see in the end product,” said Mayor Craig Copeland.

Each resident can pick up five bags or 100 kg with each visit, with no limit on the number of visits per person.

In the warmer months, the organic collection is picked up from the city every two weeks, from April 1st to November 15th. You can find the pick-up schedule here on-line and in the town hall.

For more information, residents can call or visit the regional waste transfer station at 780-594-4496