SERIES 32 | Episode 23

Why does my compost stink?

JOSCH: Healthy compost should smell moist and earthy. If your pile is pongs, you have a problem. Check that you have the right mix of dry browns and fresh greens as this is the key ratio. Your pile could also be too wet and not have enough air in it. The quick fix is ​​to pull it apart and connect it to make sure you have the right balance.

How do I get rid of nematodes before planting tomatoes?

SOPHIE: Root node nematode is a parasite that affects Solanaceae plants such as tomatoes. Symptoms are yellow leaves and stunted growth. Crop rotation can help prevent this. Improving the soil with organic matter or soaking the soil with molasses can also help. Finally, mustard and French marigolds act as green manures when buried, as soil fumigants

Which fertilizer should I use for my houseplants?

JERRY: If your houseplant is new it may already have fertilizer in its potting soil that will take a few months to use up. You can then choose either a water-soluble liquid fertilizer or a slow-release prilled product that is applied at lower rates to accommodate the lower indoor plant growth rates.