Virginia Thurston Healing Garden press release

Virginia Thurston Healing Garden Cancer Support Center is pleased to announce the appointment of Erin Raber as Clinical Care Specialist and Music Therapist. Erin Raber, a new Healing Garden Intern who completed a Masters in Clinical Psychotherapy and Music Therapy in May 2021, joined the Healing Garden Clinical Staff on June 15th! Erin will lead several self-help groups, offer music therapy groups and individual sessions and will be available for short-term individual advice for customers who are new to the Healing Garden.

Erin Raber. (Courtesy photo)

Erin is a music therapist, clinical mental health advisor, and certified sound naturopath based in Boston, MA. Erin’s expressive, voice-based music therapy approach combines theories and ideas from transpersonal and psychodynamic frameworks and ancient and modern music and sound healing techniques from a variety of indigenous and non-western cultures. She also received accreditation from the California Institute of Integral Studies in Sound, Voice and Music Healing and the Vox Mundi School of Sound and the Voice, as well as vocal training at the California Jazz Conservatory.

“I am thrilled to be joining the Healing Garden staff and starting this chapter of my career at an organization that provides compassionate, inclusive care to people diagnosed with cancer, and that understands and values ​​the importance of music therapy in cancer treatment. It has been a great pleasure and honor for me to work with clients of Healing Garden and I am so grateful that I can continue this work, ”said Erin Raber.

About the healing garden

The Healing Garden is a local non-profit organization dedicated to providing education and supportive, inclusive therapeutic services, programs and courses to all cancer sufferers. Clients and agents come from over 165 Commonwealth cities. The Healing Garden offers high quality, evidence-based therapies in a delightful healing setting set in eight acres of lovingly landscaped gardens on a wooded hill in Harvard, Massachusetts. Here, customers can begin treatment with no memory of the disease and medical interventions, feeling reassured and supported. We offer a community of others to join the trip, counseling and support groups, mind-body medicine for symptom management, stress relief and restoration of well-being, education about choices that contribute to health and healing, such as nutrition education, exercise, and Mindfulness, expressive therapies as an alternative to talk therapy to process / release emotions, programs and services to regain control of life, both during and after medical treatment. For a detailed description of the various care modalities and how they contribute to healing, visit or contact us at 978.456.3532.