A nursing home garden has added an additional outbuilding to its list of facilities ready for residents to bask in the summer sun.

Buddleia House Nursing Home on Croft Avenue in Hucknall has opened a new tea room and summer home so residents can enjoy social time outdoors every day and a trip to a restaurant thanks to the renovation.

Buddleia House, which is part of the Milford Care group, has drawn a lot of attention since it opened in 2019, particularly with its dementia-oriented care and gardens.

For those with green fingers, a stay at the Buddleia House includes caring for the elevated gardens, growing tomatoes in the greenhouse, repotting plants in the potted shed and helping out with vegetables in the allotment garden.

The outdoor area is also home to the local chickens, stocked bird feeders, and a bowling alley where residents can enjoy a game of bowling.

The nursing home was one of the first nursing homes in the UK to adopt the Montessori approach to dementia care, which has proven very successful in Australia and Canada.

It has been carefully developed by Milford Care’s Montessori specialists who practice the best practices in nursing, nutrition, and nutrition. Design and methods to involve residents in activities; and to help them find purpose in their day, feel part of their community, and be fulfilled.

Buddleia House uses the Montessori approach to dementia care, which among other things promotes activities

Registered Home Manager Lorraine Poundall said: “The garden allows residents, like the rest of the house, to come and go as they please and to live as independently as possible.

“The newly furnished tea house, called The Marigold Tea House by our resident Christine, is a wonderful addition to the house and one that the residents will enjoy in rain or shine!

“We want all of our residents to feel like they are writing the next chapter in their lives – and not to close the book completely. We encourage this by helping our residents participate in activities like gardening or indoor chores like vacuuming or folding the towels or dusting the fireplace.

“We have found this approach very successful so far and it has really helped many of our residents get out of their shell in every aspect of their lives.”

Milford Care has six nursing homes in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire, two of which have been rated “excellent” by the CQC. Spencer Grove in Belper (excellent), Ashbourne Lodge in Ashbourne (excellent), Milford House in Duffield (good), The Meadows in Alfreton (good) are all in Derbyshire and Hazelgrove in Hucknall (good), Nottinghamshire and Buddleia House (still not rated).

All houses are characterized by a high level of social interaction, a homely environment and attractive furnishings for every resident. In addition, they specialize in home care, nursing, palliative care, dementia care, short-term care and day care.

For more information about Buddleia House and how the team can help your loved one, contact 0115 968 0900 or email [email protected] You can also visit www.milfordcare.co.uk/buddleia-house.