Lumby’s waste collection services are changing.

The village is moving to a new municipal waste collection program that includes roadside organic waste collection to reduce the amount of waste in regional landfills.

The new program includes the following:

  • weekly collection of food waste in containers (residents are provided with a special 57 liter container for food waste)
  • bi-weekly garbage collection in containers (residents are provided with a special 240-liter garbage container)
  • The bi-weekly recycling collection will continue by the current contractor

The decision is in line with the recommendations of the North Okanagan County Waste Management Plan, in which around 30 percent of the waste stream is organic.

Diverted food waste is collected by the waste company SCV Waste Solutions and processed in the Spa Hills Compost Facility.

“By collecting food waste and other organic material that would otherwise end up in a landfill and turning it into chemical-free fertilizer, for example for the land where we grow wheat, corn and other crops to feed our livestock. We also sell the finished compost, ”said Spa Hills.

The next steps include developing and distributing training materials that describe the program, the allowable levels in each container, the frequency of collection, and other tips on reducing waste.

“The key will be to educate residents and communicate the timing for the changes to take effect,” said the minutes of a full committee meeting in February. The exact timetable for the introduction of the new program has not yet been published, but the minutes say that the collection will begin “in the coming months”.

The debt collector and the Village of Lumby will provide updates when the program is rolled out. For more information, contact the village at [email protected]

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Brendan Shykora

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