Cub Cadet’s lithium-ion battery line offers the same uncompromising commitment to design, comfort and performance as any product. The electric range has been proven to produce the same results as Cub Cadet’s industry leading gas models. From the Ultima ZT1 42E zero-turn mower to the 60-volt MAX string trimmer, the electrical conduit has all the tools needed to fine-tune every part of your lawn.

“Cub Cadet is determined to innovate to meet the ever-changing needs of its customers,” said Jason Koleki, director of product marketing for Ride-On Equipment for Cub Cadet. “The dynamic behind electrically powered outdoor equipment is undeniable. So we’re excited to continue building the legacy and reputation of our gas-powered products to provide electrical options that hold more than enough power to get the job done.”

Ultima ZT1 42E
The Ultima series zero-turn mower, the best-selling model in the household zero-turn model, has been redesigned as a fully electric lithium-ion unit. The full-length 2 “by 2” square tube frame improves strength and durability. The user-centered design includes a high-back seat, ergonomic handles, a rubber floor mat and a USB charging port. Fifteen quarter-inch deck height adjustments and a 42-inch die cutting deck powered by two independent brushless motors ensure the perfect cut every time.

XT1 Enduro LT42E
As the next generation of lawn tractors, the XT Enduro series offers modern comfort such as automobile-inspired design and steering, automatic transmission, USB charging connection, adjustable seats and cruise control.

Both the Ultima ZT1 42E and the XT1 Enduro LT42E offer the following functions:

  • Up to two hectares of cutting time on a single charge without a power failure
  • Less maintenance without gas, oil changes, spark plugs, fuel accumulators, pulleys or belts
  • Four hours with a fully charged battery and 64% * quieter than a comparable gas device
  • Supported by a strong four-year battery and three-year full machine guarantee

Other Cub Cadet electrical products available soon include:

  • CC30E lawn mower
  • 60 Volt Max 21 “Signature Cut ™ push-behind rear mower
  • 60 volt MAX chainsaw
  • 60 volt MAX hedge trimmer
  • 60 volt MAX leaf blower
  • 60 volt MAX thread cutter

Each of the 60 volt MAX products run on the same replaceable lithium-ion battery system, while drivers have a special battery that is unique to the performance of each mower.

With no gas, no oil changes, no spark plugs, no belts and no pulleys, Cub Cadet’s electrical setup promises less maintenance and more freedom to sit back and relax outdoors. On, homeowners can answer four simple questions to find out how much time they can save each year by upgrading to one of Cub Cadet’s new electric mowers.

The power line will be available in limited quantities online, from local Cub Cadet dealerships and in Home Depot stores across the country from spring 2021. For more information, see Information.

* A-rated sound level per ISO-5395-1, 95% confidence compared to XT1 Enduro Series LT42 and Ultima Series ZT1 42.

About Cub Cadet

Founded in 1961, Cub Cadet develops, designs and builds outdoor power systems using the highest quality components sourced locally and globally. Through a dedicated and extensive network of dealers and retailers, Cub Cadet offers a full line of high-performance weight training equipment and services that cover every aspect of floor maintenance for professionals and homeowners – including battery-powered and gasoline-powered zero-turn drivers with lap bars. Lawn and garden tractors, handheld and housework products as well as zero-turn drivers with all-wheel steering, snow blowers, commercial vehicles and more. Based in Valley City, OhioCub Cadet is known worldwide for its legacy of excellence in engineering and its ongoing commitment to carefully designing the people who rely on Cub Cadet equipment to achieve the full potential of their outdoor spaces. For more information on all Cub Cadet products, visit

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