MADISON – Residents are invited to use a new compost drop off point at the Department of Public Works recycling center on Station Road.

For $ 20 a month, residents of the district can drop off leftover food at the Java compost hub at the recycling center. Individual deliveries are limited to two 2.5 gallon bags per week.

Compostable meat and bones, fruit and vegetable scraps, flowers and houseplants, dairy products, eggs and eggshells, seafood, bread, nuts and grains, coffee grounds and filters, tea bags and dirty napkins, compostable plastics and processed foods, fats and oils are accepted.

The drop-off point is only available to Madison residents.

According to Java’s Compost, at least a third of all household waste is compostable. Composting benefits the environment by restoring depleted nutrients in the soil, helping to protect against erosion, and preventing food from releasing greenhouse gases as it degrades in landfills.

For more information on what is and what is not compostable, send an SMS (862) 205-5737 or send an email to [email protected]