(ABC4) – If you are rushing to file your taxes in time by May 17th or have received an extension, be aware of unusual tax deductions and credits.

The following tax breaks may seem unrealistic, but are completely legal according to eFile.com.

Medical expenses

Do you have a child who takes clarinet lessons? That is a deduction as medical expenses. Clarinet lessons can serve as a means to correct a child’s overbite. This emerges from a 1962 case where an orthodontist argued that playing the instrument could fix the problem.

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The cost of your swimming pool can be deducted. If you have an illness like arthritis and you buy a swimming pool to get relief from your illness, the pool cost can be an approved deduction.

Have you bought nicotine patches or participated in a smoking cessation program? These costs can be deducted. This can also be true if you’ve lost weight, when your doctor graphs the cost of weight loss and claims your life could be at risk if you don’t exercise and lose a few pounds.

Pet expenses

If you’ve lost your job and are moving to start a new one, the cost of moving your pets may be tax deductible. To qualify, the eFile states that you must be an active military member or employee who has reimbursed expenses dated prior to January 1, 2019 and not claimed them on a prior tax return.

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Cat food can be expensive. For example, if you own a junkyard and hand out cat food to attract local strays to keep mice and rats out, it can be a business expense.

Other one-time expenses

If you pay someone to babysit for you while you volunteer or do charity, you can deduct your babysitting expenses.

Did you start working at home amid the pandemic? The cost of maintaining your lawn can be deducted if the condition of your lawn is affecting your business performance. For example, if you see clients in your home office, the administration of justice may be deductible.

You might not have a lawn, but what about a whaling boat? If you did this and had to do repairs on your ship, you can deduct up to $ 10,000. However, according to eFile, you shouldn’t open a whaling business for write-off because the U.S. government has banned whaling and only certain Native American tribes are allowed to participate.

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