NCW – Okanogan, Chelan, and Douglas counties have formed a three-county panel on pests and diseases.

Okanogan County’s Pest Control Agent Dan McCarthy retired in late 2020 after serving in the county for 23 years. This emerges from a press release from Tri-County’s new Pest Control Committee. The counties decided to team up with Will Carpenter, the pest control agent for Counties Chelan and Douglas, to take the helm.

The three-person pest control will serve the tree fruit industry in all three counties with the aim of eradicating pests and diseases in commercial tree crops.

The change comes at a critical time for Okanogan County as the state is considering expanding the apple maggot quarantine zone. The zone tries to curb the spread of apple maggots in commercial fruit by banning fruit or debris from the quarantine area at a certain point.

On March 3, officials from the State Department of Agriculture held a public meeting to discuss the fact that apple maggots and flies were found outside the quarantine zone in Okanogan County in 2020.

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