Every little bit counts when we are all thinking about ways to reduce our own carbon footprint.

Bradley Mowers announced the release of its latest resource, Green Lawn Maintenance: Reducing Your Carbon Footprint. This guide explores what a carbon footprint is and how to reduce it by planning your fertilizer use, using water carefully, using lawn machines sparingly, and choosing natural solutions.

A person’s carbon footprint indicates how much that person affects the environment. The primary footprint is based on emissions in the air and the secondary footprint is the impact a person’s consumption has on the environment. Lawn care services and products directly affect a person’s secondary footprint.

Small measures like selecting local grass and plants, not overwatering a lawn, and using fertilizer only when and where needed can have a big impact on reducing the carbon footprint. “Anyone can adapt a new lawn or garden maintenance strategy that has a positive impact on the environment. Every little bit counts when we are all thinking about ways to reduce our own carbon footprint, ”said Bradley Mowers.

This article offers many easy ways to reduce your carbon footprint without sacrificing lawn care. To learn more about eco-friendly lawn care, visit Bradley Mowers here.

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