Forty caregivers working with loved ones or Alzheimer’s struggling patients were invited to the Caregiver Appreciation Luncheon on Tuesday at the Texan Theater, presented by Alzheimer’s awareness and support organization Remember for Me in the Hunt County area.

Participants, some dressed in purple (the color of the organization), received information and encouragement along with their meal.

During lunch, Remember For Me co-founder Julie Horn reminded the audience of the various services that Remember For Me offers, including grooming and lawn mowing / light cleaning, monthly support groups in Greenville, and a number of training seminars scheduled this summer.

The aftercare gives the caregivers up to six hours of relief per month, which can be taken or distributed at once. Nurses who wish to receive aftercare must request and can contact RFM by phone at 903-413-0525 or by email at [email protected]

Regarding lawn maintenance and light cleaning, caregivers are asked to simply alert members of RFM to their needs to see if a support plan can be put in place.

RFM is also planning to host its series of seminars at Highland Terrace Baptist Church, scheduled for June 12, June 22, July 10, and July 20.

The series with the joint title “Alzheimer’s: The Known & Unknown” deals with various aspects of the disease and possible ways to treat it – even if no cure is known so far.

“We hope to have as one of our speakers a woman recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s who will speak to us about life after the diagnosis,” said Horn. “We’ll also be giving presentations on things like legal issues and power of attorney and nutrition, which is very important because, as I always say, ‘Happy gut, happy mind.’

In addition to the food and information, the caretakers received a token of appreciation and were performed by Greenville singer-songwriter (and doctor) Matt Koger, who cheered the crowd on with some of his own quirky, humorous songs about life in the Hunt District.