This week is Mental Health Week in Canada, and prevention is one of the best ways to maintain good mental health, especially through self-care.

“We often think of bubble bath, wine, and chocolate, and that’s not necessarily self-care itself, that’s self-care,” said Christa Daku, executive director of the Envision Counseling and Support Center.

“There are really four important components in this sleep, food, exercise, and connection. Those are the most important things, and they are often the most difficult for people when they are under a lot of stress. They are the easiest to let go of things and no longer a priority in our lives, and it’s really important to keep it up in difficult times. “

“You know, when it comes to eating, we don’t take the time to prepare the right meals that might give us nourishment and to eat the quick and easy food when it doesn’t necessarily benefit us,” she noted. “And I think sleeping is another thing that we often get stuck in our heads and ruminate on, and stress causes sleep problems.”

Daku said self-care can be as easy as dealing with what we’ve been postponing lately.

“When something is unfinished it is really very important, if it is burdening you and causing stress and anxiety, it is important to take care of it and that would be self-care,” she said. “Even though it’s a daunting task that you might not want to do, right? If it’s something that has priority and needs to be done in your world to do better, then it’s important to get it done.”

There is a lot going on in our community to raise awareness this week. Read more about how the CMHA Weyburn office celebrates Mental Health Week HERE.

Listen to the full audio with Christa Daku here: