ARLINGTON, Va. (WDVM) – Arlington County will include composting as part of its weekly waste and recycling routine from Labor Day.

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The county will include food scraps as part of its standard roadside service. Groceries are picked up by the same green carts that were previously only used for yard waste. Arlington will be one of the first locations in the US to offer this service as part of its standard roadside pickup program

Organics are blended for delivery to a composting facility in Prince William County.

Last month, countertop food bins and compostable bags were provided to residents to help store and move compost to the green carts.

The program is part of the county’s commitment to sustainability with the aim of separating organic waste from normal waste that is incinerated.

The compost will end up in Arlington parks, community gardens, and courtyards.

Find out more about the leftover food program here.