Vaccinated nursing home residents positive for COVID. tested

Authorities said nine residents at an Orange County long-term care facility were hospitalized and tested positive for the coronavirus. All residents had received a COVID-19 vaccine.

Nine residents at the Rose Garden of Orlando long-term care facility tested positive for COVID-19.

A Florida Department of Health spokesman in Orange County told FOX 35 News that the results of their PCR tests came back Wednesday morning.

“We got a call from your staff at our epidemiologist,” said Kent Donahue.

He says these people were tested after showing mild symptoms such as cough, headache, and loss of appetite.

The Orange County Fire Rescue spokesperson says eight patients were transported to nearby hospitals by private, non-emergency ambulance, and one patient went to local hospitals with family members.

“Based on their facility’s guidelines, they try to take these people to a hospital or other facility if they have a positive case,” Donahue said. “It’s basically a political issue. We work with them. We give them guidance from the CDC and the ACA, the Agency of Health Care Administration.”

It is unclear whether these nine patients will be back at the Rose Garden of Orlando facility. According to FDOH Orange County, there are currently a total of 55 facilities in the county that have at least one COVID-19 case.

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