85 cubic meters of compost was wasted after food and garden organics (FOGO) compost was found contaminated at the Cooma landfill. Photo: Snowy Monaro Regional Council Facebook.

Thanks to the inappropriate use of a green container, workers at the Cooma landfill had to dump 85 cubic meters of future compost in a landfill last week.

A canvas bag full of dirty needles and other intravenous items was discovered on the Cooma Landfill compost farm, wasting dozens of man-hours, thousands of liters of water, hundreds of kilograms of manure and the residents’ recycling efforts in a single act of contamination.

Workers sorting green grocery and garden products (FOGO) containers also removed a microwave, blender, esky, plastic bag full of dirty diapers, door, old wire, disassembled couch, and tons of grocery bags, recyclables, and logs.

The members of the Snowy Monaro Regional Council’s Waste Operations team must remove these contaminants by hand, putting them at high risk if hazardous items are mixed in. Cooma residents were then asked to ensure they were using their green bins properly.

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“Incidents like last week’s discovery cost interest payers a lot of money in wasted time and resources,” said Peter Beer, Mayor of Snowy Monaro Regional Council.

“The vast majority of Cooma residents are doing the right thing with their green bins. However, the minority who dump garbage, recycling, and even that dangerous biohazardous waste in their green bins is putting the hard work of the community at risk. “

Green FOGO containers are only intended for waste that comes from a plant or animal in a natural state.

Residents can use green FOGO trash cans for leftover food like cooked meat and bones. Garden waste, including untreated wood no larger than igniting; Paper towels; Napkins and tissues; and pizza boxes.

For more information on waste, recycling, FOGO and other garbage disposal in the area, please visit the Snowy Monaro Regional Council’s waste and recycling page.